Sedam godina čežnje

Sedam godina čežnje - Sylvia Day,  Lidija Milenkov Ečimović *** 3.5 ***

Not the best in Sylvia's opus but interesting as it is.
The main story is about Jessica, the young widow who cannot have children, and Alistair Lucius, the fourth bastard son who inherits the title after his brothers died. I believe the story would be much more compelling if Alistair didn't succeeded in his intentions so quickly. The story practically ended in the beginning because there was no question whether they would be together.
Now, the side story about Jessica's younger sister Hester, who is married to a beautiful husband who abuses her after drinking, and about Jessica's late husbands brother Michael, who also unexpectedly inherited a title and never married because he always loved Hester, is much more interesting. The agony and suffering is displayed precisely so we can relate and feel it. I enjoyed it much more than the main story.