It lacks connection with the characters

Taboo Kisses - Ms Gracen Miller

Taboo Kisses is a book about a siren Sameya that works for an Empress of Atlantis and is sent to investigate the leads on possible rebellion. She encounters a shifter in a bar where she is hunting and he stirs unusual feelings in her, feelings of lust and desire. They are unusual because sirens cannot experience pleasure or climax until they are mated so she never felt them until now. When she reveals that this shifter is already mated to a vampire and that she is drawn to both all hell breaks loose. First she is in denial than she wants to experience pleasure without mating and finally she gives in and embraces her fate.

First of all, I didn't investigate what this book was about before reading it so it left me quite surprised when I saw where it leads to. I didn't encounter many menage a trois activity in this genre so far. It was nice to see something new and different but it also felt forced a bit too much. How the mates, Gabriel and Maximilian, always think alike and take one side and how they treat her like a delicate flower while she is a reaper for she has the ability to command with her song and take life with it.
Secondly, there really wasn't that much of a story going on, I could put all that in 20 pages. All the rest was sex. And I mean, dp, anal, toys, fruit... you name it (except for bdsm and fetish perhaps). It was like reading a porn movie with a hint of a story. Not that it wasn't enticing but it lacked some deeper feelings to get more into it (I know I sound like a chic, but it's true and I am one for that matter). The book is written for women more than men so it's a bit confusing.
Thirdly, for me it lacked description. Gabriel and Maximilian are described in a few short sentences so I had to put imagination to fill in the blanks. Also, when a bad guy finally kidnapped her after more than half a book, she put him down in one paragraph. She was never overpowered and there was no tension or anticipation. It leaves you with an empty feeling.

In conclusion, I'm afraid that this book just doesn't do it for me. You don't get a personal connection with the characters, it lacks realism and description and more of a background story. What I do like is the idea and how unique the relationship is between them. All the rest needs more work.