Story just doesn't click, I did not feel at all interested

The Prince Kidnaps a Bride - Christina Dodd

This seems to be the final conclusion to the series (aka the third book) that I didn't even know existed, or to rephrase it, I had no idea this book belonged to a series. And I have no idea how they are connected.


I have a couple of big grievances with this book:


1) First of all, for such a simple story it is way too long, filled with fillers basically or side quests, just to pad the story for some reason. Unnecessary, kills any desire for continuing on and makes you feel extra sleepy (proven!).


2) What is wrong with that title? Seriously, prince Rainger never kidnapped anyone, let alone his bride. Why is there even a kidnapping in the title, this story is about the princess' journey home. The title is very misleading.


3) Inconsistencies + unbelievable love. I could go on for hours on this subject. Seriously, I could write three times the length of this novel of the reasons what the hell is wrong with this so called love and how they got to it. But I have no energy because I prefer reading better books instead. One thing that seriously bothered me is something I think someone already mentioned in the comments but I am going to repeat it anyway. So prince Rainger claims that when he was in prison and when he had his one per year torture (which is also quite ludicrous, person who tortured him would have done it on more than one per year occasion, especially when he would indulge in alcohol a bit too much or when his wh*ring wife would piss him off) the one thing he held onto was the image of princess Sorcha. Awwww right? Well NO!!! Because when he managed to escape the prison and wanted to marry a princess to reclaim his country back, from the three sisters Sorcha was the last one he went to find, so after her two sisters whom he wanted more than her he already found married. And not just that, but later on we find out that they disliked each other growing up, they never wanted each other. And now when he went to find her as his last option and only treated her as a means to an end they suddenly proclaim old love with everlasting effects. Oh screw that.


4) Rainger had no problem finding the three sisters far from their homeland where they escaped but the sisters' grandmother who was a strong and unyielding ruler and a woman who loved them dearly couldn't manage to find them. Such a believable story indeed.


5) What was up with that moronic kidnapping at the end??? There was no suspense, there was no drama, there was nothing basically. It was such a stupid thing to put there as some sort of last minute action drama will-they-live moment that I actually laughed and just wished for the blasted thing to end already. 


6) There was absolutely no point in Rainger deceiving Sorcha about his identity. Not one single damn point. 


7) Losing her virginity in a magic-surrounded environment to a deceiving as*hole who even upon meeting her didn't really fall in love, he just wanted to marry a princess so he could get his country back. Yeah, I'll root for that undying love alright. And may I remind you again that she was his last choice from the three sisters... yeah... everlasting love right there.



The only reason I didn't give this book 1 star is because of the brothel scene that I actually quite enjoyed. And this one I won't spoil because if you are still set on reading this book, then I will leave you with at least one small good surprise to help you survive the rest of this long, oxymoron ridden, mutually exclusive, plotholes filled, unbelievable love *coughs and chokes as she writes the word* story.