What a wonderful discovery !

Nailed by my Dad's Best Friend - Corinne Matthews


"He was her father’s best friend! How could she have been turned on? It upset her and it angered her."



And that is the gist of it haha, but seriously, all romance lovers should get their hands on this new book and read Corinne Matthews because it is worth your attention.


I discovered this book on Instafreebie (you get free ebooks every week so check it out) and the summary attracted me, it was right down my alley. I have never heard about this author before and then I realised that this was something brand new so I got even more excited.


And my expectations were all met and I got something extra to add to my favourite romance authors. What an incredible day.


Summary goes something like this:


Rachel is an only child and wants to move to her own place because her parents are somewhat overprotective and she wants to build a life of her own. Helping her with fixing her apartment is her dad's best friend Simon. As they spend more time together they see each other in a different light. They realise they are both adults and single and very much attracted to each other. Add to that a stalker who adds a lot more spice to this book and you have a great read.



"As she helplessly obeyed Simon’s order, she realized in a haze of shock and pleasure that this time she was being taken by a man, not an inexperienced teenager."



"Their chemistry was explosive, he thought. She was the first woman he had met who turned him on within seconds. He really wanted to hear her scream."



This book has romance, thriller and a good addition of naughty and steamy added to it so it is definitely my kind of a ride.


If I had to nitpick I would say that pacing was a little off. It would have been perfect if the ending wasn't as rushed and if misunderstandings weren't resolved in a single chapter.



But everything else right on. Keep writing, Corinne, I'll be waiting for the next one ;)