Better than the first but still meh

Chained by Night - Larissa Ione

Everything about this book screams werewolves, not vampires. Everything. Living in a more primitive way, basing everything on instinct, secluded from the world deep in a forest, crazy feeding/sex time during a full moon and new moon (males/females), skin hotter than those of humans, related to Native American tribes, totem animals as guides/spirits, they fight with primitive weapons... I could go on really. 


It's as if though this series was meant to be about werewolves but then in the last second it was changed to vampires because it's an easier sell and it has wider audience/readers. 


Despite me not liking werewolves that much, I would prefer them in this situation than vampires. It's like taking away all the intelligence, grace, wisdom and elegance vampires usually have, as well as the cold calculated attitude and making them primitive and stupid and animal-like. Not sitting well with me. Not at all.


Also, this so-called vampires can die of a simple knife wound, just like humans, kind of sucks right. Nothing bothers them from the lore, like sun or garlic or wood and they have reflection in mirrors. I'm not saying it's a bad thing to add something new to your story but making the setting for werewolves and then changing absolutely everything that makes vampires vampires is ridiculous, come on. It makes me sad, it really does.


If you would take them being vampires out of the equation and just consider that a fight between two tribes with very skilled warriors, you would lose absolutely nothing. Being a so-called vampire doesn't add anything to the plot. It's just a fancy cover.






I'll put in the simplest way possible. Mating between two clans has been decided. Rasha and Hunter will meet, spend a month together and then get mated. But. Rasha has an identical twin Aylin and she is the one Hunter falls for. The entire book is basically a: "I want Aylin but my duty to my clan is making me go with Rasha" and the guilt trip and the temptation then guilt again. Add to that going into a demon realm to pass some tests so that Hunter's first child (although he already had three before, don't ask) wouldn't have to be given to the demon that made the original vampires and some silly dispute between clans and you know everything about this book.






Hunter is the chief of the MoonBound Clan. And has been since he killed his father 200 years ago. He agreed on mating the ShadowSpawn chief's firstborn daughter Rasha so Nicole's life would get spared. He isn't happy about the union since he hates Rasha. But surprise surprise, she has an identical twin sister Aylin who is accompanying her to the MoonBound Clan. And naturally Hunter falls in love with Aylin. 


Hunter is... well... male perfection in his looks and his smarts and he is an excellent warrior who deeply cares for his clan, he feels like the duty to the clan comes before his feelings and love. He is an okay character who has too much daddy issues still after all that time passed... I mean, man, move on. And he is still so enraged at Myne and he was the one who banished the guy, I don't really understand that logic. Yeah, yeah, there was a woman involved but she was just one of many and Hunter had no real feelings for her so it's all really about f*cking pride. 


The only thing we really know about Hunter as a person, fine... so-called vampire is that he loves video games. And movies. And he doesn't like to read. That's pretty much it. 



Aylin is the second born, a twin and she has a bad leg (birth defect) so she was always shunned in her clan. No one loved her, no one wanted her and the only one who tolerated her was her sister, Rasha. Aylin was considered bad luck and contagious because primitive thinking is that because of her bad leg she also somehow has bad blood and should never be allowed to breed. Wow... just wow. Harsh. 



"“If I accepted my place, I’d be dead, and you know it.” How often had she heard not only clan members but her own father say that she should have been drowned before she took her first breath? Aylin wondered what offended everyone most – that she was the second-born, the “cursed” twin, or that she’d had the audacity to be born with a deformed leg in a survival-of-the-fittest world."



She may not be the best in fighting but she has a big heart, an inquiring intelligent mind and she has a strong spirit and of course she is absolutely gorgeous, not one flaw on her perfect beautiful self. Not a single flaw in that amazing beauty -.- .


I really wish people would try harder to bring us well developed characters and more... more likeable, the ones we can associate with, the ones who will stay in our thoughts and hearts... not all those perfect boring forget-the-next-day bland characters. But oh well, I am just spoiled in my reading and my books I guess.


So Aylin goes with Hunter to the demon realm because her sister conveniently somehow that is not explained at all can't travel through portals. Although absolutely everyone else can. Including humans. I don't know. Convenient again. There she shows Hunter how different she is from her sister and they fall for each other completely. 


I'll give Larissa a break here. At least Aylin has some distinguishable characteristic, like her bad leg and her bravery despite the circumstances in which she was raised in and lived in.




All in all.


This book was better than the previous one in this series. The characters are more tolerable, action is better, it is more fast-paced and at least "how convenient" thing was not that frequent. It was there alright, just not as much as in the first book. 


I said it before and I will say it again. This is a complete werewolves tale with the last-minute to-so-called-vampires change. I hate that.


If any more books come out in this series, I will not be reading them. I was utterly disappointed in the first one and the second one, although it was slightly better, it was mediocre at best and with the worldbuilding I do not like there is no way any sequels will ever be better than this one and there are a lot of books out there that I could be reading instead. 


I'm sorry, Larissa. As far as I am concerned, this experiment of Yours failed. I will try to forget You ever wrote it. I will only associate Your name with Demonica and Lords of Deliverance world. That was and is fantastic.