Not as good as I hoped

Bound by Night - Larissa Ione


The title of this book should be renamed into "How Convenient" !


From the beginning to the end everything that happens is just so f*cking convenient for the storyline and the characters that it crosses into the absurd area.


I know I haven't explained myself properly but I am a little pissed off because this had so much potential and I know how Larissa Ione can write amazing things (check out the Demonica Series) and it just... it just didn't happen this time around.


For everyone who read this book, they will get my first line completely. For those of you who still didn't let me put it like this... even if all of the stars aligned exactly right and fate pushes for something to happen and freaking fairies pray for this to come out right, it's okay if it happens once but throughout the whole damn book things fall so perfectly into place that this isn't just fantasy, this is ridiculous. Even little girls would go... oh come the f*uck on *facepalm*.



Anyway, now that I got that out of the way I can speak more calmly. I hope.


Storyline is not that bad. It is interesting, it has tension, action, chapters continuously end on small cliffhangers so it drives you to read more and more until you finish the book at 3 a.m. like I did. I would say that it is pretty much consistent, as much as it can be with all the plot holes and gazillion unexplained things.


Worldbuilding is pretty bad. I mean... you would have to be pretty gullible and childish to truly believe that as soon as people discover the existence of vampires, they almost immediately enslave all of them. Vampires are more intelligent, stronger, faster, they live long so a lot of them are wise and patient and they have powers, every vampire has a different "superpower" or "talent" like disappearing etc. And humans just enslaved them like they were cute little kittens or something. Right. Even if you believed that, there are still other things that are not explained like this mysterious origin of vampires or how the enslaving happened or how the entire human race is just okay with torture and experiments of another race... and there's so much more but I just don't have the willpower to go further into this.


Characters are... hahaha... how should I put this... ehm... stereotypical paranormal romance vampire characters. Nicole is perfect, the embodiment of female perfection, perfect body, perfect face, perfect behaviour and intelligent. Riker is the embodiment of male perfection, perfect body, perfect face, perfect male specimen all in all. And they are both so perfect that they probably sweat perfection. Anyway, I digress. Females are all about birth, weaker sex, babies and irrational ranting here and there. Males are all about being male as in fighting, looking sexy in jeans, protecting those poor females and impregnating them. I mean, who has ever heard of Cat, the kickass vampire heroine in the Night Huntress series right? Nah... we like our typical cavemen vampires.


The insufferable heroine. Nicole. Just wow. What happened here Larissa? Did you write this under influence or something? I am just trying to understand what happened. Nicole is supposedly a super intelligent scientist who is well known in her field of study and at 28 she is famous and rich. But somehow she manages to bite her lip until it bleeds in front of hostile vampires, she knows the ins and outs of her company but can't discredit one single fake signature that gets her immediately fired??? She speaks out loud without realising. She thinks that normal underwear looks like granny panties. She immediately forgives Riker after seeing him dry hump a woman who looks like a 'skank'. She is a doctor, a scientist, an expert but she can't recreate her own medicine that keeps her alive... I could do this all day, folks. All day.


All in all. Why did I even bother reading this you might ask, well, honestly, I hope this is just a bad start of a good series. I am familiar with Larissa's books and I know how great she can be. If she just forgets about this clusterf*ck and starts anew with Hunter and acts like nothing happened, maybe, just maybe there is hope for this series yet. 


Would I recommend it? If you want to laugh at stupidity, yes. If you want some hot vampire scenes, yes. If you want a serious story with well developed characters, unfortunately no, stay far away from this one.