Everything about water and much more

Water Is... - Nina Munteanu, Costi Gurgu, Emmi Itaranta

"Water connects what was once separate, urging it into a conscious being, melding into all an element of liquid heaven." - Rainer Maria Rilke


Wow, just wow.


I have no idea where to begin to describe all that I have read and learned from this 583 page book on water.


This book will tell you everything about water, what you think you knew and many more than you have ever imagined can be said about water. It tells about water's structure, forms, shapes, phases, uses, varieties, past, present and the rather bleak future but it is also intertwined with the author's personal journey which can also be better understood through many photographs that are included in this extensive book on water.


But first things first. I really like the format of this book. It doesn't have hard covers but it works much much better this way. It is quite heavy so I recommend everyone to take that into account if you decide to take it everywhere with you like I have, to me that doesn't matter, what matters is that I have a book with me. Regarding photographs, they are placed very elegantly, they can take a whole page or just be on the book's sidelines but it definitely adds to the experience and for the people who are visual types, it will help remember certain things. I loved the quotes about water like the one from Rainer Maria Rilke or Theodor Schwenk or our very own Nikola Tesla, I believe it is a great way to start a new chapter of the book. It shows us that water has been cherished and wrote about throughout our history and how could it not, it is a source of life after all.


Secondly, my apologies for taking longer to review this book than I usually do but since this is a science book and I am not a scientist, I took more time to read carefully through everything written. I felt like I was preparing for an exam because I put bookmarks on many pages and returned to reread certain passages like the one on what 'epitaxy' is (page 184).


And for the most important part. Water was here before us and water is a source of life. Yet, we tend to forget that fact and take water for granted. A lot of people do. It is just there. People are so convinced water will always be there, always available that they don't take notice on how many people die from thirst, how many areas of our beautiful Earth are suffering because of water shortage and/or pollution. Big companies tend to not care about the environment and use water to such lengths that it devastates the area around it. Water is being privatised and then charged a great deal of money for processed bottled water we are all so convinced is better than our tap water but that isn't so. It is perfectly explained in this book, I hope You take a look at it.


Now, I am speaking as a nonscientist and a person who cares about our environment. I drink water every day, I use it for cooking, cleaning, bathing and as a refreshment. Without water there is no me. There is no you. People wouldn't exist in the form that we do today. I know that and I am concerned about how our future will be like. Pollution, climate change, all of it affects all of us and most of us ignore it. It is a sad and concerning state of affairs.


The author Nina Munteanu goes towards the philosophical and spiritual aspects of water towards the end of the book, starting with the chapter 9. Water is Story then 10. Water is Prayer and that is not something I would have included in such a book which is why I gave this book 4*. Personally, spirituality, religion and alike should have been left out or maybe mentioned in a paragraph or two.


But once I read the author's afterthoughts I suddenly realised why she decided on doing all of it in such a way. Allow me to quote the author on this one:



"Early on, during the research and writing of this book, I discovered that this project on water had become a gestalt watershed for all the important moments in my life. Places I've been. Things I've learned. People I've met and with whom I'd had surprising discussions and realizations. All spanning many years. And many of them totally unrelated. And yet, now, with a sudden flood of context, their significance has transcended into a new fabric of meaning through surprising connection."



"Water Is... has incorporated a synchronicity that defies space-time. I have no doubt that it's the result of quantum entanglement.
Water is the singularity."




I believe this book should be a must read book for all the younger generations. It talks extensively about water but also sums up everything important, everything we need to know and everything people should be aware of especially regarding our future. 


I thank the author for sharing her knowledge and her personal journey via such an important book. 



*I have received a copy of this book through Goodreads Giveaways and I gave my honest and heartfelt opinion on it.