A must read !

Ines' Words - Haidji

"Time does not kill.

What kills feelings


Indifference, or fear."




An otherworldly elegant and inspiring love story. 



It is very difficult to describe this story. So I will not attempt to do so. What I can say about it is that if you will enjoy it, you will not read it just once. You will pick up this book tomorrow and next week and read it again. For each time you do so, those melodiously written words will fill you with optimism and positive emotions and they will inspire you and give you hope. 


I consider myself incredibly lucky to read such inspiring works one after the other. My previous review was also written in sheer positiveness and now again I cannot do anything else but praise the author and read the book yet again for the lyricism and love that is felt on every page make me - happy. That is how I can describe it in the simplest way possible. 


Love story that transcends time and is enveloped in beautiful music that I urge you to listen as you read the story and encounter those works on different pages will send shivers down your spine.


The author is a creative and inspiring soul who knows how to lift our spirits up and make us believe that anything is possible. Not just that, but many messages you will encounter are simply timeless and worthy of noting down and reminding yourself every once in a while of those truthful words. 



"If I knew what to say

I would tell you

Everything I want

If I knew what to do

I would do for you everything it takes

If I knew how to love

I would love only you

For an eternal moment" 



I highly recommend this short story. It has touched my heart and moved my soul. So simple and elegant. So different and inspiring.


I am looking forward to reading another book by Haidji called Suicide Game. I have no doubt that I will enjoy it and I will share my thoughts on it with all of you when the time comes.



*I have received this book through Booklikes Giveaway and I gave my honest and heartfelt opinion on it