Mesmerising swirl of intricate poems and feelings brought to life

To the Heart: A poetry collection (Monday Road Poetry) (Volume 1) - Gina McKnight




You are the poem
I dream of writing,
The landscape
I long to paint,
The flashing star
I reach for,
The hand that
Holds my fate.


I tried to start my review with a beautiful line or a deep thought that would reflect my feelings after reading this poetry collection but alas I do not think my words can do it justice so I decided to start with a beautiful short poem that captivated my heart.


Gina McKnight's poems resonate deeply in one's soul and stay there long after the words have been read and processed. The feelings that echo in the words read are ones that inspire, give hope and speak of love. If I could, I would put all of the poems in my review so all of you could experience the same thing I have. But that wouldn't be fair to the author nor would I have enough space so after long thinking I have decided on sharing two poems that touched me deeply. One I have started this review with and the other I will place at the end of it so that the beginning and the end form a circle dedicated to the beautiful mind and soul the author possesses.


I do have to admit that one particular poem made me laugh then it made me grin and then I found myself thinking long of the one I love most deeply with a constant smile on my face. That poem is called "Monday" and you can find it on page 30. I urge you to read it if any way possible for now it is written on a piece of paper and it's hung on my wall so I can always smile whenever I see it when I pass by.


The harmony of the poems sweep you away and bare your soul so be ready to experience a wide range of emotions. These carefully selected poems are a perfect remedy for getting rid of bad emotions that keep you down. Read, smile, laugh, think, ponder, grin, imagine and most of all feel.


*I received a copy of "To the Heart: A poetry collection" by the author Gina McKnight through Goodreads Giveaways and this review is my honest and heartfelt opinion.






Forever is how long...


A fleur-de-lis moment,
A snippet in time,
Hung on a day,
Caught in my mind.


Ticks the big hand,
Thoughts bump and collide,
In taupes and euchres,
In webbed shadows you hide.


Grasping the moment,
Caressing the snippet,
Days haunt and hang,


You inhabit my mind