Wonderful discovery

Quest Maker (Last Dragon Charmer) - Laurie McKay

*I received a copy of this book from the author through Goodreads giveaways in an exchange for an honest review


I have to say that this book brought back some good memories and a nostalgic feeling of how excited and happy and engrossed into the story I have been while reading fantasy books when I was a kid and even a teenager. It has that innocent tone to it that you lose as you grow older. Absolutely wonderful experience. 


I recommend this book to everyone, especially to those that feel young at heart and mind.



Quest Maker is the second book in the epic Last Dragon Charmer series and if you haven't read the first book this book will slowly let you catch up on the storyline not shoving the story down your throat which I truly appreciate in sequels. 


Prince Caden is still stranded in the Asheville, North Carolina where mysterious magic has transported him from his home, Greater Realm. He attends school which is run by an Elderdragon and staff which consists of banished villains from his realm. He surrounded himself with 'allies' who help him try to find his way home and protect everyone from the villains in school that 'normal' people know nothing of except that they are teachers, some hated more than others. 


In this instalment Caden has to complete a quest given to him by the Elderdragon. If he doesn't, she will eat him and his brother who is the newest addition to the banished people of the Greater Realm who are now stranded in Asheville. Caden needs to uncover a plot lead against the principle Elderdragon and find evidence that would count as evidence by the Ashevillean standard. He also suspects that this plot involves villains in Asheville as well as someone in the Greater Realm, someone he knows. 




I honestly enjoyed every chapter of this book. Fantasy set in our world makes it a lot easier to imagine the world author is bringing to us, and I am sure children fancy that as well because it makes it more believable. But I will let them decide on that. 


Action, mystery, plots, conspiracies, all wrapped up with a little humour and a lot of charm. I doubt anyone can ask for more when it comes to fantasy and especially so when we talk about books for children. 


Some say that Caden can be a pain in the tushy sometimes, especially when he says things like this:


"I'm fine," Brynne said, and smiled. "He's as he always is, difficult and troublesome."

Caden was neither difficult nor troublesome. He was charming and easy. He told the firefighter so but the firefighter looked skeptical.

No matter. Caden didn't have time to convince peasants of his likeable nature.



But it's totally appropriate for his character. He is a Prince in his world after all and he was raised as one. Although he is adjusting to this world, some things are very difficult to completely let go. And that is exactly what so often makes us smile as we see how he thinks and reacts to things we find normal.


Humour is very light and appropriate for children. I liked it and found it a refreshment from everything I have read recently. Definitely a big plus from me.


"He pointed at Brynne. "You've been training him."

"So?" Brynne said. "You've been training him, too. Why can't I?"

"I'm training him to become an Elite Paladin, not a thief."

"Actually I'm going to be an architect," Tito said."



I found no grammar or spelling errors which is very important to me. The cover is beautiful, very eye-catching. Paper, print, letters... all packed in a very beautiful package and it does the story justice in all ways. 


Fantasy world I'd love to read a lot lot lot more of. I hope the author continues down this road and makes our lives - magical.