When one thing gets better, the others get worse

Kiss of the Highlander - Karen Marie Moning


You just can't win with this Series, I guess. When the romance is good, the story is just so presumptuous and unbelievable that you simply want to give up on it. But then you go to another book where the story is quite refreshing and the characters are the ones who make you grind your teeth while the steam is coming out of your ears...


This is the kind of a book in which we have a heroin who is so blatantly annoying and FAKE that I wanted to gouge my eyes out from just reading about it.


Let me introduce you to the heroin. She is Gwen Cassidy and guess what she is? A physicist. Oh, yeah. A real one. Which means she is the smartest person alive. Or just the smartest female in oh, what was that field again? Mmmm, science, right? *sigh* *eyes roll*

That's how we need to perceive this person. She didn't do anything great, didn't write anything important, didn't finish school but just because she studied physics for a bit, she is the most intellectual female you'll ever meet. And she knows it. Must be a tough burden... 


Gwen has arrived to Scotland on a vacation. She is so smart that she hasn't noticed that she booked a tour with an elderly group. Yeah, smarts indeed. She wants to meet a guy who will sweep her off her feet and take her virginity. Yes, she is a virgin. She is a virgin of the virgins because not only that she hasn't been with a guy, she was never really interested in anything male that crossed her path. What a plot twist in this kind of genre, right? I'm amazed as well. Anyway, she's 25 and she is a virgin because none of the guys she dated were right for her and none of them deserved her "gift" of virginity.



"The sight of a white tee stretched across his muscular chest might persuade her to catapult her cherry at him."




That him is a Highland laird Drustan MacKeltar, a man who was enchanted and put to deep sleep in the caverns where Gwen was sightseeing. He was sleeping there for 500 years until she fell on top of him and so rudely woke him up. I mean, really, desperate-to-get-rid-of-her-cherry-woman? 


So she wakes him up from deep slumber and he acts like any medieval man would, ties her up and forcibly takes her with him. Because the guy needs help getting around, of course. I'm sure he has no ulterior guy motives. No, it couldn't be. 


But yes, indeed it is. She is his soul mate. He felt it. Must be fate. So he drags her along and on their way they even manage to go back to his time. And back again. 


Yes. Science. That's why.




I gave this book three stars only because of the great writing style miss Moning has and because Drustan didn't behave in all ways like medieval highlanders in the historical romances usually do. 


He was actually quite passive and confused. In some moments he was really funny and entertaining. I have nothing against him but that woman...


Gwen is a not-officially and not-really a physicist who doesn't utter one smart and interesting sentence but expects everyone to respect her.... because science, that's why.



I don't even know why I'm reading the next book but I am. There must be something wrong with me. Some Moning-bug or Moning-virus that infected my body and against my better judgement is making me continue on with these cliched, ridiculous stories... *facepalm*



I've ran into a perfect summary / dramatization of this book on goodreads, also laughed my ass off while reading it: