Lovely short story

The Cannibal Princess - Nalini Singh


This short story comes between the first book "Slave to Sensation" and the second "Visions of heat" and it revolves around the main pair from the first book, Sascha Duncan and Lucas Hunter.


Sascha and Lucas were left babysitting two adorable cubs. They are lively boys but very fond of Sascha despite her being a Psy. She also had some cute scenes with them in the first book.


The boys want to hear a story before bed from Sascha but since she grew up in a cold and unfriendly environment she knows nothing about stories or storytelling. So she turns to Lucas for help and he pleases her. He starts to tell a story about a Cannibal Princess. The boys are entranced in it but more than them, so is Sascha. When Lucas saw how much she liked it, it melted his heart.


Later on, in bed, she asks Lucas to tell her another story, one not involving cannibals...



This short story is a perfect example of a funny, entertaining, lovely side-story which is meant to show another side of the characters and give them more depth.