So good I want more...

Beast Master, Vol. 2 - Motomi Kyousuke


"I made a decision. More than safety or happiness, I want you Yuiko. I don't know how I can smile at a place where you are not there."



Leo is turning eighteen and Yuiko has his birthday all planned out. She decided on the time and bought a present. When they were on their way to meet each other, Leo was hit by a car and rushed to the hospital. It was a miracle that he survived that straight on impact.


In the hospital, Yuiko finally learns the truth about Leo's past, his upbringing and the secrets that made him live in the wild instead in a civilized society. Everything makes sense afterwards. Regretfully, despite knowing all of that Yuiko still ends up as a hostage and the only one who can save her is the injured Leo.



This manga is really fresh and unique. The boy isn't your typical all-knowing, well-liked, too-handsome-for-his-own-good kinda boy. He has a tough exterior that hides his inner kind nature. Yuiko is on the other hand, a well liked person but not too popular. She is the kinda girl who easily makes friends and cares for others.


Their pairing is perfect. She is the only one who really knows him and the only one who can calm his inner beast. Leo is the perfect type for Yuiko too. The one she has to care for but the one who will always stay by her side and protect her despite being childish and easygoing. 


I really liked the art. It's detailed but not too imposing. It shows emotion but it also nicely handles the action. The only thing that sometimes bothered me was too much text at once which made letters quite small and a bit difficult to read. But other than that, I have zero complaints.


It really came as a surprise when I learned this manga only has two volumes. I can't see why so little. The material should have been enormous. The idea of a shady past, supernatural abilities and slow but steady romance should have been more than enough to produce a long lasting manga. 


I for one, would still like to follow it. Unfortunately, we won't get our wish but I'll hold this manga in my top shelf and always remember it with fond emotions.



"Yuiko, be with me. (kiss)"