Deep turmoils

Library Wars: Love & War, Vol. 8 - Kiiro Yumi


"The Future Project is taking the initiative!" - Shibazaki



Kasahara receives a call from Satoshi and leaves the dormitory. Shibazaki finds her note and alerts the rest of the team Dojo (must mention that she stormed into the male dormitory, straight into Dojo's room XD). Satoshi tries to recruit Kasahara and when that fails he admits that he doesn't really want her but his brother Tezuka and that she must tell him if he joins the Future Project all charges against Kasahara will disappear. One plot starts to uncover...



"It was my choice to come get you. Of course I was worried about you. Do you have a problem with that?" - Dojo (to Kasahara)



Shibazaki's admirer is finally showing his true agenda. How pitiful. And I feel so sorry for Shibazaki. To finally let somebody a bit closer and to have it turn out the worst way possible... Ganbatte kuadasai Shibazaki :*


Some time later Kasahara was cleared of all charges out of the blue. And she received a letter from Satoshi. A letter which will change her life and it was about freaking time, oh, I'm so excited. She finally knows who her real Prince is. Aaaaaaaaaaaa..........


As Shibazaki cut all ties with her admirer, Tezuka was standing guard at Shibazaki's request. They are so interesting. They will be the best couple. I have complete faith in that. The episode which shows how their friendship evolves to a higher level was one of the sweetest and funniest at the same time. Shibazaki really has no shame, does she?


As Kasahara frets over her new discovery, she comes to a conclusion that Dojo must hate her since she hurt him with continuous mentioning of her Prince and how he is better than Dojo. Of course, only Kasahara can come up with that particular conclusion. Baka. Will she never learn? Will she never understand?


The Library is experiencing a series of attacks on hearing-impaired women. Someone is groping them and taking pictures, taking advantage of their condition. That moron had no idea what he started and who's coming for him... don't ever ever provoke the nice always smiling Instructor Komaki 'cause you may not live to tell about it.




The romance between Dojo and Kasahara is finally taking an important step forward. Despite Kasahara's conclusion that Dojo hates her. Step is still made. She can focus on him as a man he is now, at last. And he will surely be more affected because one thing that Kasahara is most than anything else is honest. When you tie that with the straightforwardness and you got yourself some blushing for sure. I can already see it. And can hardly wait. 


Shibazaki and Tezuka are so different yet so similar that it's frightening. They will be the most respected, acknowledged, high-society couple you can imagine. They are both respected, seen as cold and calculative, have a lot of high up connections, Tezuka's family is in high society, their position will only rise... if they manage to manage each other, they will be the strongest looking couple in society. Just get on with that. Stop being so elusive, dammit. 



One of my favourite manga's is looking stronger than ever. I foresee a beautiful future for our favoured characters. Woohoo :)