Plots, plots, plots !

Library Wars: Love & War, Vol. 7 - Kiiro Yumi, Hiro Arikawa


"You're so busy feeling sorry for yourself you forgot how to treat your friends. Is this who you are? I don't think so! Don't keep stuff bottled up! Let it out like a man! If you need to work it off, well I'm here. Bring it on!" - Kasahara (to Tezuka)



Someone is posting quite nasty book reviews on the Library's website and it is an actual librarian called Kazuki Sunagawa, believe it or not. The reviews have provoked many people, among them Marie and Kasahara because their favourite books were portrayed as trash. And for a librarian to write such things is a disgrace but the freedom of speech expends to the employees as well and at the top of the page it clearly states that this is a personal opinion and not Library's. But is it really that simple?



"Sorry. I just don't know if I can be unbiased on the issue. Especially when it concerns her. (Komaki about Marie)

Heh... Love is blind. Love is blinding. (Dojo)"



Tezuka reveals a bit of his history and upbringing. His brother Satoshi and him were very close and Tezuka even idolized Satoshi until the day Satoshi decided to leave the family. Namely, Satoshi and his father had differing opinions on the future of libraries and freedom of speech. Satoshi wanted to change the Library, he wants to make the Library a part of the government organizations like the MBC is. He believes that this is the best for the future and for stopping the war between the Library and the MBC even though he is aware of the fact that the Library would lose much of its power and influence in that case. So he founded a "Future of the library" group.



"You haven't changed, Hikaru. And you know I haven't either. I'm not one to give up easily. You will be... Mine." - Satsohi (about Tezuka)



Shibazaki's admirer tells her that he has a source which told him that the Musashino Library is engaging in an unauthorized destruction of books and that the story will be published unless she tells him to ask his source to pull the story out. She is torn between the desire to protect the Library and the need to be honest and truthful. 



"The tension in the Library is stronger than ever. The two ideologies are about to clash. It's going to be ugly."




The modern day book burning was blamed on Sunagawa. When the panel of inquiry questioned him he managed to make a deal by naming an accomplice, Corporal Kasahara. The most righteous girl in the world. Everyone received this news as a shock when the panel asked to question Kasahara but Dojo seemed to be hurt more than the rest. So adorable. 


Team Dojo set on to prepare Kasahara for any and all possible questions and provided her with satisfying answers. 



"This is going to be a marathon. Things will get harder and harder for you. This is an order. Let me know when it becomes too much for you!" - Dojo (to Kasahara)




Intrigue, plots, suspense in lieu of action. Not bad, not bad at all. It's a real page-turner. Or should I be more accurate and say a page-clicker since I read it on my laptop? :) Anyway, the things are getting very interesting, the atmosphere is heating up and this Volume is way to short for the weak of heart so just continue on to the next one to calm your nerves.


One thing I must mention is a difference between the anime and manga. Here, in Volume 7 we have much more inner reflections and personal struggles displayed than are shown in an anime. The story itself is consistent but way too short in the anime. In the manga we encounter Kasahara's pain and feel her struggles as our own during her lengthy interrogation, especially as everyone starts to avoid her and reject her as a criminal. Manga is much more emotional and realistic



Bonus manga. Marie Nakazawa and Kasahara get soaking wet when heading to the Library. Consequently Marie is given a Library member uniform to change into and through series of silly developments she is mistaken as a real member and is given a couple of jobs to do until Komaki finally finds her and then... well he's just so sweet...



Extra bonus manga. Kasahara unable to relax and sleep. Until she imagines her... prince.