The last one of the brothers Wroth...

Untouchable  - Kresley Cole




"I'm the Valkyrie who most wants to be held - and I never can be.- At the thought she felt her bottom lip trembling.- I'd rather not have had a glimpse of what I've been missing.


She dropped her head into her hands and wept, her freezing tears making her want to scream."




The fourth and the last brother Wroth to get hitched. Murdoch Wroth is a Forebearer, a vampire who abstains from drinking blood directly from the source. He was turned into a vampire along with his brother Nikolai by the Forebearer king Kristoff himself. They then turned their other two brothers, Sebastian and Conrad. When he was human he was a known womaniser who despite his combat skills will forever be remembered as a manwhore, a term that will be a painful reminder of his leisure human life. 


Daniela aka Danii is a Valkyrie who is also a part ice fey, unique of her kind. She can resist shiny and expensive objects unlike other Valkyrie but because of her ice fey lineage she can't touch anyone other than ice people. If she were to be touched by others, she would suffer great burns and her body would eventually overheat and she might shatter. Everyone calls her Ice Queen or Ice Maiden and she is thought of as untouchable, distant, arrogant. Everything that can not be further from the truth. She desires to be touched, loved, cherished. But because she knows this to be impossible, she acts like nothing can get to her only to spare her feelings.


Murdoch and Danii are an impossible pair, one who worked his way through countless of women and who is of vigorous temper, the other a virgin who longs to be touched but never can be and that greatly affects her behaviour. Never say never, though. True love can always find a way...



Despite me loving vampires, this story just didn't do anything for me. I love Kresley Cole greatly and her writing style always pleases me but this story was just so washed up and dull that the 2* I did give it was only for the previous books and hope that the Series will improve.



1. How many times in one Series do you need to use a VIRGIN HEROINE? I know that mainstream sells but come on. Danii was so out of place that she just came out as pushy more than anything else. She was a descendant of a Queen, next in line for the throne and yet her behaviour and lifestyle didn't showcase for it. Not even a little bit. 


2. TIMELINE SUCKS. Sorry to say this but what the hell? This story is placed during and after the Hie, before and after catching Myst, before and after catching Conrad. So, Murdoch and Danii were together-ish form the second book of the Series onwards? Really? And now we have a repeat on some of the old happenings. Like catching Conrad in a Lore bar, it is copy pasted. And some other stuff. I found it so boring that I skipped some old-repeat parts.


3. They DESERVED MORE. Danii has intrigued me from the beginning. An ice fey, awesome right? Now, her story is all rushed, placed in some former stories, written in mere 160 pages. I really thought she deserves a full length novel but not as she was finally portrayed as some whimpish and childish girl. I thought she will be more warrior like, controlling ice, blizzards, snow... She was so cool in my head and now she is degraded to an escaped-failed-lab-experiment-like who can only puff some cold air now and then. Where is the badass when you need one? And don't get me even started on Murdoch, a reformed rake. 


4. What is up with heroes repeatedly KISSING the heroines LASHES??? I don't get it.



The story was jumbled, the chemistry between main characters almost non-existent, sex scenes were dull and bland, there was nothing new and fresh, everything is a cliche, used over and over and over again by the different paranormal romance authors...

The only interesting thing going on was a speculation of how will Murdoch finally gain the ability to touch Danii. And that one I also guessed but the question mark was still there. 


I hope that this isn't how the Series will continue because if it so I will be very sad...