Dojo *blush*

Library Wars: Love & War, Vol. 5 - 'Hiro Arikawa',  'Kiiro Yumi'


"Next time you take off crying, hide someplace an emotional girl is more likely to hide." - Dojo (finding Kasahara in the bushes)



Kasahara's parents are still visiting. She is almost on the brink of exhaustion but she's convinced she can still pull the deception off. When her mother opposes her clerk work as too close to the danger she snaps but her father manages to handle the situation. Kasahara finally reveals to her parents why she decided to join the Library. She tells them her embarrassing story of the prince who saved her and the books from the evil MBC members. 


Her father unlike her mother doesn't seem to oppose her choice. He actually seems supportive. Which makes a world of difference for poor Kasahara.



And finally we learn a lot more about the mysterious Mikihisa Komaki-sensei and his non-existent (?) love life. Is it true that he cares for a seventeen year old girl much more than he should?


The aforementioned girl is a hearing-impaired high school student Marie Nakazawa, and Komaki's neighbour with whom he grew up together. Despite being ten years younger than Komaki, they were always close. When she started to lose her hearing and closed herself from the world, he was the one who broke through her shell and made her smile again. Now, she is the only constant in his life next to his job.


Because of his close connection to her, Komaki was taken by the MBC members under the suspicion of abusing a person with disabilities. He recommended her a book which stars a heroine with a hearing disability who falls in love with an older man and they wind up together. The MBC decided that his act was intolerable and insensitive because he recommended that book to a girl who is hearing-impaired. Now, the MBC is torturing Komuki to get a confession...



"Gosh. I can't see you as a child anymore. What am I going to do?" - Komaki (to Marie)



Bonus manga. The best humour so far. I literally cried from laughing out loud. When Kasahara gets riled up about something, there is nothing stopping her. And she charges straight forward. This time it's Tezuka who won't get away until he succumbs. 



Bonus manga 2. *blushing* Awesome Kasahara - Dojo romance episode. Kasahara in a fancy dress at a fancy hotel and all the guys turning to gape at her while Dojo is fuming beyond belief. Don't miss it !



"She's mine." - Dojo (about Kasahara while holding her in his arms, *blush* *blush*)



Extra bonus manga. Jealous Dojo and oblivious Kasahara XD