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Library Wars: Love & War, Vol. 4 - Kiiro Yumi, Hiro Arikawa, Kinami Watabe


"Courage comes naturally to her." - Dojo (about Kasahara)



Woohoo, this keeps getting better and better by the turn of the page. Not only does the romance progresses nicely but the action is getting better and more frequent. Hooray ;)

Commander Inamine and Iku Kasahara were abducted by the Bahushu terrorists after the funeral while the rest of the Library forces were dealing with the retrieval of the documents from the recently deceased owner of a famous museum. 


Inamine quietly went with the abductors because they threatened to set off bombs which they placed in different spots around the funeral home. Kasahara volunteered to accompany the Commander.


Terrorists demanded all of the documents which the Library forces retrieved from the Museum to be incinerated in their presence in exchange for the lives of the hostages. When Major Genda demanded from the abductors to put the hostages on the phone as to verify their state, Kasahara was allowed to speak. She cunningly revealed their location by encrypting her message for Shibazaki.



Days after the incident, the real battle has just began for Kasahara. Her parents had decided to stop for a visit. That would have been a minor trouble if not for the fact that they still don't know Kasahara is a combatant and not a desk clerk at the Kanto Library. Her mother is awfully protective and demands of Kasahara a gentle girly behaviour. Which Kasahara doesn't have. I guess, growing up with three older brothers will do that to you. So she needs to lie to them some more and convince them she truly is a simple desk clerk if she doesn't want even bigger trouble to arise. 



Bonus manga is moe over the top in this Volume. Kasahara, Dojo and the lost puppy are adorable *.*


Extra bonus manga is so true and hilarious that you don't want to miss it.



Funny, charming, unpredictable... the best combination :D