Not my cup of tea

Kiss of a Demon King - Kresley Cole


Despite loving this Series, I feel that this book "Kiss of a Demon King" is the least attractive to me so far. This is my personal opinion and it isn't influenced by anything other than my feelings and preferences.



The summary sounded great and the cover looked pretty nice but as I started reading the previous book about Rydstrom's brother Cadeon, I found myself liking Cadeon much more than the demon king Rydstrom. And that fact was confirmed once I started this book.


For those of you who read the previous #6 book in the "Immortals After Dark" series the summary of this book was already revealed but for those of you who didn't, here it goes.



Rydstrom is a demon king without a crown or a kingdom. Long ago, his kingdom was taken from him by an evil sorcerer Omort and for nine centuries he struggled to get it back. The problem is that the evil sorcerer proved to be invulnerable and unable to die. Rydstrom blamed his little brother Cadeon for everything that's happened to him. Cadeon was only 7 when Rydstrom sent him away to live with the foster family so he wouldn't be near him in an event of assassination. He left him all alone with a different family and never contacted him until the day his kingdom was attacked. Then he demanded of him that he returns to court so he could hold his castle safe while he fights the enemy. Cadeon decided to stay and defend the only family he ever knew. And Rydstrom's castle fell. Rydstrom put all the blame on Cadeon and never let him forget it.


Rydstrom held a grudge for nine centuries and put all that weight on his brother's shoulders just because he alone was unable to hold unto his own crown. What a bastard. Cadeon did nothing wrong. He wasn't raised at court and he stayed with the only family he knew. How can you blame him fort that? For something that was your own damn fault? All of that was revealed in the previous book and since then I disliked Rydstrom. I can't help it. And when you dislike the main character there isn't much that can perk up the rest of the story.


So, in this book we start off with Rdystrom's imprisonment. He was taken captive by a sorceress called Sabine, Queen of Illusions, evil sorcerer Omort's sister. She wants to use him to get pregnant because of the prophecy that states that their son will be the one who will uncover the secret behind the great power which resides in the castle in the Kingdom of Rothkalina. She uses all of her powers and illusions but the demon king manages to resist her. Rydstrom is chained in the dungeon of his own castle and tortured by the sorceress's charm time and time again forbidden to finish until he marries her and makes her a baby.


Days pass and Rydstrom lets go under too much pressure because it is hard to resist your intended female for long but ultimately escapes with the help of a vampire who betrayed Omort. Rydstrom also ensured to catch his sorceress and drag her with him. Now the tables are turned and he holds her shackled and captive. He knows that despite her attraction to him she would leave him in a heartbeat if he'd let her go.



Basically, the story is - Rydstrom as a captive with Sabine sexually challenging and blackmailing him then - Sabine as a captive with Rydstrom sexually challenging and blackmailing her. 


We all know they will wind up together, not just because the books in this series have happy endings but because of the characters overpowering attraction for one another since the beginning (or should I say since their first encounter).


Rydstrom and Sabine share one thing in common, they are arrogant without anything to back it up. Yes, he is a demon king but so what, he was only that for a couple of years before his crown was taken and he hasn't been able to get it back for nine centuries. What in that story gives you the right to act above everyone else and be an ass to everyone? Same with Sabine, she doesn't have any offensive magic, only illusions and she is only respected because she died a couple of times. Let me tell you something, she isn't the one who should be respected because of that, her sister is, the one who brought her back a couple of times. The idiot Sabine is at fault for even being in those situations, for letting herself get killed so many times. How could her sister survived every perilous situation they were in? And they were always together. Always. Just like the Woede brothers.


When I explained how I don't like the main characters and their cat/mouse play I hope you can see why this book isn't as appealing to me as the previous ones. I just didn't care what happened to them. They deserved to suffer for their huge ego and their above-everyone-else behaviour. 


The storyline isn't bad but it also wasn't very interesting. The action was mainly reserved for the ending and it wasn't very appealing. What I am much more interested is who will Sabine's sister get as a life mate. Now, that I'm looking forward to.