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Library Wars: Love & War, Volume 3 - Hiro Arikawa,  Kiiro Yumi (Illustrator)


"The war is coming to our front door again." - Kazuichi Inamine


The Volume starts with the Board of Education speech on protecting children from the danger of books. The Library is allowing their protests in front of their establishment as a guarantee of the freedom of speech, regardless of their opinion on it. The problem arises when two young boys throw firecrackers into the crowd as a way of fighting back or expressing their discontent with the Board of Education's action on pulling most of the interesting books from the school libraries which results in children not being able to read them because they don't have enough money to buy them from a local bookstores. The Library can't do much about it because school libraries aren't under their jurisdiction.


Two boys, even though not acting according to law, inspired Kasahara to help them. But Dojo is strongly against it and tries to keep her out of the situation. While trying to talk her out of it, she starts talking about her Prince and how she wants to help those boys like she was once helped. Dojo hates that subject and he becomes furious and starts talking bad about that moron Prince of hers. She fires up and starts protecting her Prince. Fight ensues.


The next day, new trouble arises. Kasahara failed to tell her parents that she was assigned to the Library Task Force, instead they believe she is a simple desk clerk. She is afraid of their reaction since they always treated her like she was made out of porcelain. She thinks that if she tells them, they will make her quit and go back home. And that would devastate her.


The problem is that a reporter came to the Library to do an article and she wants Kasahara's picture in the papers as the first female officer. Dojo does his best to stop that because he's aware of Kasahara's parents situation.


Regardless of the picture in the papers, Kasahara's parents announced their visit to Kasahara. She totally freaked out.


Soon after, a news arrived that Sohachi Nobeyama has died, he was the director of the Museum of Information History and now all of the Musem property will pass on to the Library. But since that Museum also held some papers that the MBC wants destroyed, there will surely be a conflict. All of the members of the Library's Defense Unit and Task Force will be assigned to retrieve the documents. Except Kasahara. She was the only one who was left out of the mission on Dojo's decision and she was assigned to escort the General of the Kanto Library, Kazuichi Inamine, to Nobeyama's funeral.


Of course, Kasahara was fuming and she had a big fight with Dojo. As her friends left to do their mission and some of them might not come back, Kasahara decided to do her own mission as best as she could so she would show Dojo what she's really made of.

As it turns out, everyone in the Task Force made it and their mission was a success but Kasahara and the General were abducted and are in mortal peril.


The manga bonuses were awesome this time. The one where Dojo and Kasahara are shopping for cute and girly things and stuffed animals was absolutely hilarious. I recommend them, do not skip those. They are gems to be savoured :)


Concerning the anime. The story up until this Volume followed the manga but in this Volume the firecracker incident wasn't covered in the anime. The rest was well presented but shortened. So I recommend you read the manga so you can widen your horizons a bit and enjoy it for a longer period of time :)