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Library Wars: Love & War, Vol. 2 - Kiiro Yumi, Hiro Arikawa, Kinami Watabe


"The Library Freedom Act- Article 32: Libraries guarantee the privacy of their patrons."


Kasahara Iku is a member of the Library Task Force, an elite defense unit. She is working under Instructor Dojo and although she respects him and admires him, she is still hung up on her Prince who protected her a few years back against the Media Betterment Committee members. Her fellow rookie is called Tezuka and he excels in almost everything. Perfect grades, perfect shooting, perfect library desk work... but his temper is still not in perfect shape. Regardless, his nickname Mr. Perfect spread like wildfire.


Kasahara, on the other hand, is full of mistakes. She is honest and hardworking but still lacks in many aspects of her job. Luckily, her Instructor is always there to save her from failing shamefully. She doesn't see that as his concern for her but for his subordinate. And then they bicker, always at each other's throats. They never get sick of bickering about the stupidest of things. And that is absolutely hilarious and kawaii *.*


At the Library, the books suddenly go missing, more than usually. At first people just regard it as a normal occurrence but soon Shibasaki becomes suspicious and starts to pay close attention. As things start to get more complicated, a deeper plot is uncovered and the Library comes under attack which puts everyone's lives at risk.


Throughout the Volume, Dojo and Kasahara grow closer together, he saves her many times and they fight a lot. But that's the beauty of their relationship.


"Another wound. Look at you. Women shouldn't get all scratched up like you do." - Dojo (to Kasahara)


Interesting turn of events between Kasahara and Tezuka. Namely, Tezuka invited Kasahara out. And as you can imagine, she's totally freaking out. Since she's never been invited to a date, and all the boys she asked refused her because she was taller than them. I must confess I was also confused when he asked since he hasn't shown anything but animosity towards Kasahara so far.


And to make things more interesting, while Kasahara is thinking about how she's gonna answer the guy, Shibazaki conveniently told everything to Dojo. Since Shibazaki really likes him. And she likes Kasahara but I think she wanted Dojo more. Thankfully, I don't see them happening at all. No chemistry between the two.


"Your honesty and sense of justice. They'll become your strength in the future!" - Dojo (to Kasahara)