Why does this keep happening to me -.-

Dark Prince - Christine Feehan



"She was light to his darkness, his other half. Forbidden though it might be, mistake of nature probably, he could not help loving her."




I was so looking forward to this book and this Series and yet again I stay bitterly disappointed. Even after such a promising summary, good reviews and even a good beginning of the book, soon, it all went from bad to worse.


To keep this review short, let me just count some major dislikes:



1. The heroine is a VIRGIN. Yes, yet another one. She isn't young or ugly, no no, she is the most beautiful woman out there but somehow she managed to keep all those horny males away from her. Good job woman. Kudos. I don't know in which universe do you live in but you're certainly not in mine. 


As you may understand, it is really hard to involve yourself in a story such as this because it's just not believable and it is kind of ridiculous because she knew every charm an experienced woman knows how to use on a man but she was never with one. Everything came naturally. Oh, give me a break.



2. INSTANT LOVE. It wasn't even love on first sight, no, it was love on first mind touch. I know it sounds confusing and it is. Not really explained well and used way too much for the stupidest of reasons despite being said that the heroine suffers every time she uses mind connection. Well, no use being consistent, your heroine is a virgin after all, that will solve everything.



3. YOU'RE TOO BIG FOR ME crap. We all know those ones, his shaft was too big for her, he stretched her beyond measure, even after several sexual encounters she still couldn't get used to his huge size... blah blah... Oh, let's not forget that her first time was so savage it would leave a girl limping but not her, she was delighted. Because all S/M, savage first times are amazing of course.



4. The hero repeatedly calling a heroine - LITTLE ONE. Every time he would use that phrase, I would imagine a hobbit. I kid you not. It was so difficult to follow the story when the image of the main heroine was mostly a chubby hobbit. I couldn't help it. After the first time he called her like that I couldn't shake the image off.



5. CONFUSING STORYLINE. It was so hard to focus and follow the story when you don't have nearly enough facts. At first, I thought the main hero was a vampire and the summary of the book led me to the same conclusion. But he WASN'T A VAMPIRE. Nope. He was a Carpathian. If you would ask me now, what the fuck is that I would tell you that I vaguely recollect some facts but generally have no idea. They are some ancient race that is dying out and they need to breed more but (un)fortunately they are producing only male heirs. They have some supernatural abilities like strength, speed, shapeshifting into animals etc. and they also drink the blood of humans but they aren't vampires. They become vampires when they give up on their lives, go berserk and dark, so vampires in this book are bad creatures to be hunted down and destroyed. Carpathians should be helped and saved by providing them with woman who will reignite their spirit and breed with them (oh dear lord).



6. STUPID MAIN HEROINE. Time after time she is told one thing and then the next second she runs off and does the opposite. It's like she's disabled in some way, in some part of her brain (if she has one). She messes everything up. Charges into everything only to be left in mortal danger and calling someone to the rescue. And she does it all the time. Stupid heroine who throws herself in stupid situations so she can be a damsel in distress and rescued by her man. Pitiful...



7. REPETITIVE AND SAPPY. The hero is so freaking repetitive that I wanted to puke when his lines came up towards the end. I can still recite everything he said. He was so sappy that it even fell lower than Twilight. And that tells you everything you need to know about this romance and a pair that was thrown together out of nowhere and had no chemistry beside hero's animal desire, lust and bragging you are my woman just try to leave and you'll see what will happen.



All in all, I wouldn't recommend this book because there are plenty more that will bring you much more joy than this book ever could. But I will stay with the series only to see what has made it run for so much sequels. It's amazing. If the others are like the first book then there must be some kind of miracle at work here.