Lovely read !

Rogue for a Night - Jenna Petersen


"You started this game, Lucinda," he murmured. "You toyed and teased and now you pay."
Her eyes widened as she realized what a dangerous position she was truly in. She had played with fire, seduced with a master of seduction. And his revenge was clearly to be this slow, heated pleasure that tore through her veins and made her long to beg for more... more of him, more of this, more feeling. 




"Rogue for a Night" is the second book in the Stoneworth Series but it can be read as a stand alone. It's a very sweet and sensuous read that's a bit short for my taste but it certainly makes up for it with a good storyline.



Ronan "Rage" Riley is a former boxer with a mysterious background who is currently working for his best friend Anthony Stoneworth as an estate manager. They are friends since their young mischievous days when they fought for a living, each for a different reason and purpose. 


Ronan has liked Lucinda Stoneworth, wife of his best friend's brother for a couple of years now but he never acted upon his urges because she was married and in love with her husband. Unfortunately, her husband died two years ago in a riding accident and now Lucinda decided to spend a month at Anthony's estate whereas her two daughters would be at their grandparents' estate so she could get some alone time to gather her strength and get some rest.


Two years after her husband's death, Lucinda was out of mourning and Rage has a difficulty staying away from her. He knows he shouldn't approach her since she is way above his league considering social status, also she is a widow of his best friend's brother. Everything is working against him but his feelings that he kept so neatly stored away for all these years came spilling out with a vengeance. 


Lucinda is trying to find her place in her family and in the Society. She feels as though she isn't a part of anything anymore. And her young daughters of age four and eighteen months demand her full attention. Now, as she finally manages to catch some break, she realizes how certain man called Rage makes her feel. She feels things she hasn't felt for a long time. And she feels intoxicated with it.




A beautiful story that revolves around a fairly young widow that not only lost her husband and was left with two young children, but her husband's brother is his twin. She has to see his face over and over again, kissing and holding someone else in his arms. It must have been agonizing. I can't even imagine how that scenario would play out if it were to happen to me.


Lucinda is a very capable woman, whom despite being high-raised has an inner strength and wisdom and the will to overcome difficulties on her own. I admire that. Especially being raised as a gentle flower that might crush under the stronger wind.


Considering twins, Lucinda had remarkable strength being able to be around Anthony so often and so soon after her husband's premature departure. I would most definitely kept my distance. It's a crazy situation. You know it's a different person of course but seeing that face day after day knowing you will never be able to hold it and kiss it ever again...chilling... 


When it comes to Rage, his character is that of a person born in poverty but through pain and struggle and determination he managed to overcome all obstacles and become a respectable man of some wealth who moves in high circles. Even though he never feels comfortable in a cravat and at a ball. He's a half ruffian, half gentleman. That perfect combination makes him dangerous just enough to get lost in the lust and desire.


Lucinda and Rage work great as a pair. I love them. They found love at the most unexpected time in their lives. They completed each other in a way most couples never could despite being together for decades even.


The children completed this emotional tale beautifully. They added depth to Lucinda's character and revealed a lot of hidden emotions in Rage.


I gave this book for stars because I think it's a bit too short, not just in a sense of not having enough pages but in a sense that some scenes felt cut off. Particularly, the scene where Rage believes Lucinda wants to marry some noble and doesn't want anything  to do with him. It was resolved too quickly. We should have suffered a bit more, agonize over the confusion and the inability to finally come clean. That small build-up is missing. It's the same with the ending when they separate and then too soon after resolve the issue. The build-up is what makes great scenes.


All in all, I recommend this book for all the regency romance lovers who are in a need of a good, short, quick read that has depth as well as a sizzling affair. You are going to love the main characters, I guarantee it.