Badump... badump... kya... fascinating *.*

Love Stage!! 03 - 'Eiki Eiki',  'Taishi Zaoh'


Izumi's confusion about.... love? could it be?  :)

Since the pictures from Izumi and Ryouma's got into the newspapers, everyone was talking about them. And since no one knew Izumi's gender, they all thought he was a girl since he played a girl in the commercial. When the press conference was announced to the media everyone was buzzing about a sure celebrity wedding.

Press conference was put together by Sena productions and Ryouma's manager. To please the media and make this incident blow over, they decided to put all the media together and show them that Izumi is a guy and at that same moment announce his introduction into showbiz.

Ryouma was amazing again... to keep Izumi focused and to calm his nerves, he properly kissed him and said:

"It'll be alright. I swear I'll protect you! However you might falter or whatever comment you might make, I'll support you!"

With the press conference over and done, Izumi is now truly in a showbiz world. There is no more running or hiding. Rei is even making him visit different sets to introduce himself to famous actors and producers as well as the directors so when the time comes, they will have many opportunities and open doors. One of those sets they visit was Ryouma's. Everyone was excited and delighted to see Izumi in flesh and they swarmed around him smiling and touching him all the time. Which Ryouma didn't like. He got extremely jealous and at the same time realized that this is only the beginning. Izumi is no longer his hidden cutie, now he is out there and this will happen again.

But, while realizing that and demanding an honest answer from Izumi if he means anything to him, he faints from overworking. And while Ryouma is hospitalized, Izumi is doing a lot of research on his own, namely BL manga and M/M romance and when Rei confronts him about being cooped up in his room for days, Izumi asks him a groundbreaking question:


"Does doing it with another guy hurt? Or does it not?",

on which Rei gives him a serious answer:

"It depends on your partner. The situation will vary greatly depending on the knowledge, experience, age and size of your partner. For example, should your partner be relatively young with no experience, there's a high probability that it will hurt." - and as for Ryouma - "... it may hurt a little."


Izumi is shaken by learning that doing it might hurt. And it doesn't make his decision any easier. And even after learning that Ryouma was dispatched from the hospital, he doesn't go to see him right away because he needs to sort out his feelings first. Instead he goes to meet with his friends from the manga research club. But on his way there, he is spotted by mob of fans which he tries to escape. He succeeded. But in doing so, he came across some gang members and was attacked by them. Even after they figured out he's a guy, they still wanted to do him because he's so darn cute. Izumi had a big revelation at that moment and managed to escape them.

He dashed for Ryouma's apartment to tell him his BIG DECISION ! Kya... badump badump badump <3

Oh, my, like our dear Rei said at one point: "I sense a danger to my chastity". That's exactly how it is with this manga. It sucks you in completely. You cheer for the characters and their better halfs even though you would like to chomp on them yourself.

Yaoi has never been so alluring since Junjou Romantica, Katekyo! or Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi... It's a little world on its own and you would give anything just to be a part of it for a little while longer.

All the best compliments and a great thanks to an amazing creator and mangaka Eiki Eiki. You are my hero :*