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Love Stage!! Band 2 - Eiki Eiki


So... we all now what happened at the end of Volume 1, the little naughty scene between Ryouma and Izumi. Well, now we continue with Ryouma's apology. He really worked hard to track down and corner Izumi only to apologize for his behavior last time:


"I swear I'll never do anything you hate again!! Just please, listen to me...
Even back then, during the roughest time of my life it was always you who kept me going. I told you during the shoot, remember? About how that charm reminded me of your eyes. Whenever I looked at that marble, I'd remember your bright, shining smile and that bright, shining time we had together. And it gave me the strength to try again.
... But then when we met again 10 years later and I confessed, you turned out to be a guy... and yet, even after I knew you were a guy, I just couldn't get you out of my head...
And so, I guess... I had no choice but to accept the fact that my feelings for you weren't going to change just because you happened to be a guy. I'm still in love with you, Izumi, even though you're a guy."


And poor Izumi is confused of course as well as Ryouma who finally realized that love has nothing to do with gender.

Izumi is having a hard time accepting the fact that a guy is interested in him but he also can't deny that Ryouma is ... an interesting and devoted person.

Izumi is drawing his manga for a contest soon to be held and he is short on time. He pulls all-nighters with little or no sleep and he is still in a time jam. All of his manga club friends have other things to do so he is left with one option and that is to call Ryouma. Ryouma immediately responds and helps Izumi finish his manga just on time. The time they spent together locked in Izumi's room has brought them together a little bit.

But when Izumi tries to submit his manga he is harshly rejected and his dreams go flushing down the toilet. He feels as though he has nothing on this world left now that his dreams have been totally annihilated.

And if that wasn't enough, he doesn't want to return home because admitting defeat in front of Rei Sagara would mean he has to go into show business now. So, he goes to the only place he can think of. Ryouma's.

Ryouma promises not to call Sagara and takes Izumi in. He makes him a bath and gives him a night shirt. And he's totally freaking out with nosebleeds everywhere (kawaii XD).


"Shit shit shit. I'm gonna die from MOE!" - Ryouma   (I guess that's a thing now)

"What the hell is this? The guy I love is sleeping in my bed without any underwear on... What sort of test is this, God?" - Ryouma


Not to spoil everything there is a pretty touching scene happening when Izumi wakes up. It's irresistible. You can not not love it. I guarantee it. And Ryouma finally shows Izumi he really means it. I think this a crucial part where Izumi will realize his own feelings as well.

And Ryouma again. He does something AMAZING for Izumi, something that will bring him back up and give him hope, something that will change his life.

Aaaaaaaaa, I love you, Ryouma... khm khm... excuse me, I overreacted here a little bit, can't be helped though.

All in all, an awesome manga with a very good anime realization. But of course, manga is way more explicit and anime is mild but the feelings are still there. The characters are unique, interesting and they really come together when the time demands.

The art is perfect, expressive and detailed but with a lot of humorous moments which only add up to a perfection. The suspense and feelings are so strong and well displayed that you immediately immerse yourself in those characters minds and hearts.

Anyone who has ever enjoyed a yaoi scene or a shounen-ai one will fall in love with this instantly. I believe it only builds up to an even more moe & sexy manga ;)